Banting is a Healthy Choice

‘’A healthy experience that is worth betting your health on’’ 

The Banting way of life is all about leading a healthy lifestyle and losing that weightthat you have been struggling to lose. And with much patience’s and determination, you will achieve the results you were looking for.

This High Fat Low Carb diet has been a controversial topic, as it is said that high fat content will be harmful to one’s health. Whereas some think it does not work and for some they have found a real reason to keep living. Through the years, the banting way of life has showed all those sceptical onlookers that it’s a diet worth trying as it has been proven to be a tremendous success with most people who were trying so badly to lose that weight.

These are the reasons why many are choosing the Banting Lifestyle

Too much sugar is bad for your health, this is one statement that all health experts are in total agreement with, as too much sugar is harmful to one’s health. With the Banting Diet, you can cut down on your sugar intake, especially all those refined sugars and with doing so this diet it helps you to stabilise your blood sugar levels. Say goodbye diabetes and hello to a new and improved healthy body.

Banting helps to improve and prevent diabetes, as most people reading that, will be wondering how can this statement be true? So, let me elaborate more, before insulin was discovered ketogenic diets were introduced to those diabetics to help manage their diabetes. Carbs are the main cause as it has a major effect on blood sugar, and those diabetes sufferers who consume just a small portion of carbs will raise their blood sugar which can be harmful to their health. Now when you start Banting carbohydrates are cut off from your diet and by doing so many diabetics will have lowered and regulated blood sugar levels. Cutting Carbs is the way to go to an improved and healthy lifestyle.

Banting helps to lower your risk of heart disease, as you consume healthy fats and reduce your carbohydrate intake this drops the level of triglycerides in the body. Triglycerides also known as lipids, whichare important in the body and is the main form of fat, and they are used to give energy to the body. Triglycerides are fats that is in our blood, that cause heart diseases due to unhealthy eating habits.  So, by following the Banting Diet you cut down trans fats, saturated fats and cholesterol in your diet, and with the addition of the green list of foods that can be consumed, you will be lowering the risk of getting heart disease.

Every diet that claims to be the best but be certain many have failed due to the lack of motivation from the individual itself and yet blame goes onto the diet plan. Take note people if you want to achieve your targeted goal, perseverance is key, do not give up. Life is beautiful when you have a healthy mind and body. And the Banting Diet offers you just that a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. It teaches you to distinguish between good and bad fats and sugars. A learning and healthy experience that is worth betting your health on.

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