How to find a property … and the dirty numbers of the false brokers

The article has information on how to bypass fake brokerage ads and how to look for an efficient home on the internet. Mainly for rental properties, but most of the things are also for sale.

How Do We Find Fake Ads?

If you are looking for advertisements through agencies, the main thing is to remove bogus advertisements. In order not to waste our time by looking at apartments that are greatly different from our demands. There are several approaches here:

1. Filtering by agencies

1.a. Many announcements to the “agency” in the same neighbourhood
If an agency that has posted the ad has another 5, 6 ads (for example, for a two-room) in the same neighbourhood, it’s probably all inclusive. fake. We directly skip them – waste of time. So many active ads in a neighbourhood can only have large agencies.
1.b. If the agency has 150 more active ads

So they’re all fake. The agency relies on telling people about their modest numbers of people’s ads if they accidentally meet their requirements.

Why is it almost certain that these agencies do not have a real listing? Why waste their time getting a real advertisement from so many fake ones. Can you imagine the agent to say “You want photos of the apartment, which you speak? Look at our 27th ad. Nooo, 12th is already busy. No, 15th is also busy. It 7th is also busy. Yes, we are working extremely hard … and fast! “

Note there are agencies with 1,200 active ads. Actually, a broker serves 5, 10, 15. If the ads are stagnant, they are not moving, ie. there are no views of the apartment, the number may be bigger, but we do not need such ads! First, because many people stared at them and did not like them – obviously something is wrong. Secondly, if an ad goes to this level – a standstill, the owner of the apartment will probably turn to several other agencies to increase the chances of his property be rent / sold. And do you think it will inform everyone else (who “did not do the job”) when that happens? Ie. there is much more likely stagnant ads to be outdated.

2. False Advertiser Tags


2.a. Too many dots


“to your attention BEDROOM NEW APARTMENT .. .. .. .. .. DISTRIBUTION .. .. .. .. HALL .. .. BATH WITH TOILET ….. .. GREAT LIVINGROOM WITH A BIG Dining Room To It … BATHROOM … .. … .. NEW FURNISHING. “

2.b. Many exclamation marks.

2.c. Most of the ad is in capital letters.

2.g. Extremely short description

A short description and nothing in the entire advertisement.

Example 1: “We offer a spacious apartment in the X district”;

Example 2: “In a quiet and communicative place”;

Example 3: “Nearby is a public transport stop”

When it comes to London, of course, there will be at least 2 public transport stops nearby.

3. Tags for real ads:

  1. “We work with colleagues”

A sure sign that the ad is real. Otherwise, brokers will pour water on their colleagues.

4. Sort by date

Advertisements from any site for properties must be sorted by date. If we sort the ads by price, we will find first of all the cheapest but old ads. “Collective” ads are cheaper than others, just to attract people. If the ad is real and good, it will not last for 3 months. And there are advertisements on the sites for years … We need NEW ads.

A good option is to sort by date and enter a price ceiling. And do not forget if you decide to change your properties you will need a professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

How to grow a successful hydroseed business

This new technique is now practice all around the world with the purpose of providing a complete solution to construction and building industry delivering the best quality services to its customers. Since the evolution of this technique; hydro seed it has been providing a lot of opportunities to different business to start incorporating the technology to provide services to the construction and building industry

Avenues to grow a new business

Great opportunities lies with the development of this technology, many different business enterprises have emerged with the passage of time considering the requirements of this technology. There are several methods how they can grow; some of them are mention below:

· Creating an awareness of business enterprising using this technique

· Marketing and promotion techniques through social media is going to provide them with good platform to capture the market share

· As the costs of hydro seed is much less, new entrants can easily start their operations with minimum costs to operate their business

· Construction and building industry will be inclined to purchase this technology to provide customers with the unique solution through them

· Potential customers searching for the best solution will be able to purchase the services from business enterprises providing these services